Marketing Agency for eCommerce & SaaS Companies

Market an Experience. 


Meliod, with a mix of design and marketing strategies, creates an experience. Then Markets it.

Yes, that's about it...


From New York to Australlia, We have worked with startups and businesses all across the world.

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Meliod has Scaled companies from $20k-$30k in monthly Revenues to $50k-$100k in a period of 5-9 months. Our process is simplified  in 4 simple steps. Scroll to know more.


Our Services

Content Creation and Management

  • Copyrighting 

  • Ad Content Direction

  • Design to Delivery 

  • Marketing focused Posts and Videos

Social Media Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Campaign Launch and Management

  • Cross Channel Marketing

  • Creative Videos 

Funnel Creation & Optimisation

  • Marketing & Sales Funnel Design

  • Marketing System with funnels

  • Funnel and Lead Management

  • Back-End Management


The Goal.

Understand your needs, make a business plan through effective market research.

Our Process


Define Process

Define the process for the project, The campaign strategy, the content game and design direction.



Think, procastinate and bring your project to life, this is where we implement everything!


Test & Repeat

The process never ends, if you want your business to keep growing then we keep marketing, test, implement, succeed!

Okay, enough of us, let's talk about you!

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